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Dish sizes need to be quoted to receive every channel. Smaller dishes can be used and since some channels are more powerful than others, the small dish will work on a percentage of channels but not all of them. The BBC and the ITV are the weakest channels, and so unless the dish is big enough to receive every channel, it will not be big enough to receive the BBC and the ITV (although many other Sky channels could be received with smaller dishes).

In addition it is important to note that there are 2 beams aimed at Spain. The north and the south beam. The BBC and the ITV are not on the south beam but many Sky channels are. The south beam can be received anywhere in Spain on an 80cm dish. To find out which channels are on the south beam go to Astra where you will you can research what each beam carries on the Astra satellite. The North beam carries every channel.

As far as the north beam is concerned, customer feedback over the last year has provided the following information on dish size recommendations.

  • Costa Brava 1.0m.
  • Madrid, 1.2m.
  • Southern Spain and Portugal 1.6m.
  • Alicante (weak spot) 2.4m dish
  • Close to Alicante 1.8m dish.

All we can do is relate to you customer feedback. It is your responsibility to check yourself with people in that area as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these recommendation

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